Sorry We Have Been Absent.

We had a major unexpected trauma in our family in June this summer. I have been doing everything I can to resolve this and at the same time run three companies, a house, kids and trying to just stay healthy. If you get a chance, please pray for my family and for a miracle. I still believe in the God of miracles and more…although to be honest  I haven’t felt any peace the last 3 months. In  times like this you truly find out who your friends are and it’s not necessarily who you may think and where you might expect including the church. I know sad, but true. Hold your family tight tonight and please don’t take anything for granted before it turns into something you wish you had. Thanks for your understanding and prayers. May God bless you.

Don’t Look Now!

I guess it’s a little like watching a car wreck, we really shouldn’t watch, but we can’t help ourselves. Honestly, why does anyone give a rip about the Kardashians or that idiot Kanye West? I feel the same way about Bruce Jenner. But, I must admit I will probably watch his “coming out” interview with Diane Sawyer because I can’t help myself, after all he finally made a woman of himself.


Equal time?

A gay reporter and gay business owner have their say. This story is probably a little one- sided. What do others think? Copy and paste the following link in your browser to learn more.